Fellowship Pacific

Stewardship & Generosity

Stewardship & Generosity

  • Annual giving initiatives and stewardship plans

  • Donor Advised Gift Fund - ask us about this

  • Stewardship training and speaking/preaching

  • Teaching on and facilitating and promoting  generosity

  • Resourcing and educating church leaders on topics of Biblically-based generosity

  • Resourcing churches in implementing new giving methods and tools

  • Assisting churches in finding appropriate personal financial management small group curriculum

  • Capital campaign coaching/consulting

  • Sample policies and procedures


Your church relies on the generosity of God's people to fund ministry, pay salaries and keep the lights on in your building. What this means in practical terms is that raising money is part of what you do. Very few people  like to talk about money, or fundraising, but helping disciple your congregation in the areas of stewardship and generosity  is an important part of your calling as a church. Jesus talked about money and possession a great deal because he knew this would be a complicated topic for us. So, whether it is preaching and teaching on stewardship and generosity, running a capital campaign of helping your church elect small group  curriculum on stewardship our team is here to help you.