Fellowship Pacific


Equipping Our Churches


Adaptive Planning

Now that your church has figured out its mission, vision and values, what do you do? You need a go-forward plan!  Adaptive planning may just be the right tool for you. 

BC Registry

If your church is an incorporated society then every year it needs to file an Annual Report with BC Registry Services. We are here to help guide you through that process. 


The Birkman Method® is a multidimensional assessment tool that measures the behavioral and occupational strengths and interests of individuals. It's great for teams too!


This seminar is a faith based approach that utilizes Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, and is designed to help participants handle difficult discussions, disagreements and high-stakes communication.


Do you want to develop individuals who are actively serving as ministry volunteers in your church? Whether they are leading, or show an interest in leading, this program will give you the opportunity to start a conversation about potential leadership capacity. 


Your church board will benefit greatly from this one-day seminar that is designed to educate, challenge and inspire board members to excellence in biblically grounded governance principles. Let us customize a workshop for your board. 


If you are planting a new church, or sadly, if your church is closing, our team is here to help guide you through the process of applying to the Canada Revenue Agency for registered charity status or perhaps through a de-registration process. Please contact us first.

Church planting

Fellowship Pacific enjoys an intentional and mutually supportive partnership with the C2C Network, a national church multiplication network.  We believe that local churches should be the ones to plant churches. Give us a call to  see how we can help your church.


We all like to think that things won't go wrong in churches. After all, we all love Jesus and are committed to advancing His kingdom. Yet, the reality is that in church, just like any other organization, things can go wrong. Let us help you walk through these difficult situations. 


Do you want to see your pastoral team increase its effectiveness? Is there a particular area that a member of your staff needs help with? If so, our team is ready to help with ministry specific coaching to improve the effectiveness of your staff or to help your entire team work together more effectively. 


We all want people to feel welcome when they come to our churches for the first time! Even more, we want them to come back so they can experience God's love, discover a sense of purpose, make new friends and find a place to serve. We have some creative methods to keep people away from that back door.


When is the last time your church dusted off your Constitution  and Bylaws and put them through a thorough review? Well, now is the time and we are here to help.  Whether you need rewrites, editing and/or help transitioning to the new BC Societies Act, our team is here to help guide you through that process. 


A primary Fellowship Pacific tool for church health is church consultations. We are continually working to improve our processes to help churches by providing external, objective perspectives on ministry. Consultations can be adjusted to fit the needs of the individual church and we are here to help before, during and after.


Our Church Lifecycles Team is ready to help your church develop and implement a Discipleship Plan as you continually seek to carry out what Jesus has called us to through the Great Commission. The goal of an effective discipleship plan is transformative as we seek to continually develop Christlike followers. 


Managing the financial affairs of your church can be a daunting task. Whatever problem you are facing, our team is here to help your church treasurer, administrator or bookkeeper with budgets and financial reports, CRA issues, donations and receipting, payroll and an array of other services.


Our team is here to help equip you with the various tools needed for hiring, caring, valuing and compensating the people who volunteer and work at your church. And yes, we can also help when you are faced with letting someone go. 


Immerse offers a unique way to invest in the next generation of leaders. Candidates work and serve in the local church while completing the required studies for a fully accredited context based Masters of Divinity Degree.


Knowing which technology to use in your church is an important consideration. Our team can help you think through the various options for a whole variety of systems that will help your church run more efficiently. 


The five practices of exemplary leadership taught in this program will help your leadership team strengthen its ability to lead well. Participants first  complete a 360° review and work through the results of that review during this two day workshop. 


Hiring the right people for your pastoral team is essential, not only for your church but also for your mission. We have prepared a Search Team Manual to guide your church through the process of recruiting and retaining the right people for your church.


Getting clarity on who you are as a church, where you are going and how you are going to get where you want to be are all critical components of church leadership. We'd love to  help you and your team through the process of discerning your mission, vision, and values. 


Many churches don't think about marketing and communications as something they need to worry about. Consider though that people in your community will likely check your online presence before visiting your church.  

Pastoral care

We recognize the tremendous amount of stress and burn-out many pastors and pastors' wives experience and we can provide qualified people to come alongside them as they go through difficult times. 

Pastoral development

Our team spends time each year putting together ministry gatherings for pastors in different ministry contexts: urban, suburban and rural; multi-cultural; and large and small church.

planned giving (Wills and Estates)

Is your church proactively building a planned giving program? Perhaps you have people in your church who need help through the initial stages of planning their estate? Through a partnership with Advisors with Purpose, we can now offer these services to our churches and individuals free of charge.  


Whether it is preaching and teaching on stewardship and generosity, running a capital campaign, or helping your church select small group curriculum on stewardship our team is here to help you.

risk management 

We would all love to think that things don't go wrong in churches, but sadly, that is not the reality. Like every organization, things sometimes go sideways! The concept of risk management is a critical one for your church to think about and we are here to help you as you grapple with those "what if" questions.

Spiritual Care for Seniors

Caring for the seniors in our churches and community in a way that’s meaningful and impactful can be challenging. Spiritual Care Training is a resource that will help your church reach out to this vulnerable and growing population in our communities.