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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care



Sometimes the pastors who provide care are the very people who need care themselves. We recognize the tremendous amount of stress and burn-out many pastors and pastors' wives experience and we can provide qualified people to come alongside them as they go through difficult times. We also have access to counselling ministries for pastors and their families. 

The Importance of Counselling
Pastoral Ministry can be a difficult and lonely journey at times. Many times we are restoring the hope of the world while our own families and souls are slowly deteriorating. Too often, we are unsure of how to deal with the disconnect between helping others and helping ourselves...
• Restoring Emotional Health
• Sorting through future direction
• Growing disconnect between pastor and spouse
• Difficulties as children wrestle with their identity as “pastor’s kids”
• Emerging sinful habits, unconfessed sin, and lack of accountability

Our Prayer
Everyone called to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be able to access counselling services. We have tried to make those services accessible and affordable. Our prayer is that you and your family will access these services.

Please do not lose heart. Reach out and talk to us. 

Counselling Options
The following is a list of some of our Fellowship approved Counsellors:
Lower Mainland
Cedar Springs Counselling:
Judy Grams | +1.604.686.3926 | judy@cedarspringshealth.com
Gary Grams | +1.604.317.3467
Peace Portal Counselling | counselling@peaceportalalliance.com:
Andrew Neufeld | +1.604.283.7827 | andrew@crtsquared.com
Jason Krause | +1.604.465.7765

Central Interior
Fairhaven Retreat Centre, Vernon
Dave Bootsma | +1.250.558.5730

Northern Interior
Pastor Brian Joyce | +1.250.961.8517