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Saanich Baptist Church

These are a few examples of outreach initiatives that Saanich Baptist has been involved in in 2018. Many of these are possible for your church to do in your own communities:

Serve the City

This coming spring marks the 10th anniversary of Serve the City. We take one day, and together we go out into our community to support a number of outreach organizations and services. We do this by providing volunteer support through clean-up, the creation of new spaces, and encouragement to those who serve the marginalized in our community. This year we will be working with Saanich Parks, Compassionate Resource Warehouse, The Cridge Center for the Family, the Cool Aid Transition House, Victoria Women’s Transition House, and PEERS.

Living Edge Market

This past year our Centennial Park campus launched a Living Edge Market in partnership with Living Edge Ministries, 4 other churches (The Table Peninsula, Saanichton Bible Fellowship, Friendship Community Church, and Lambrick Park Church), and the Food Collective to provide fresh produce, fruit, dairy, and baked goods to those in our community who can’t afford a nourishing diet. Currently, we support seniors on fixed incomes, single parent homes, and those only earning minimum wage.

Parklands School Lunch Program

By supplying ingredients for sandwiches for the past year and a half, we were able to provide year-long support to the Parklands High School lunch program. This program provides nourishing meals to teens who don’t receive enough food at home. As a result of the program, the school has seen attendance increase.

Collette Bullock