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New Hope Community Services

Some prayer updates from New Hope:

  1. In the next week we have two new families moving in. One is a single mom from Eritrea with 3 young kids - ages 5,4 and 2. They will bring a lot of energy to the building! The other is a young Arabic speaking couple - the wife is from Ethiopia and the husband is from Sudan. They met as refugees in Lebanon. Please pray for these new families as they are welcomed into our community and adapt to life here. We received dozens of applications for these vacant apartments - the need for affordable housing for refugees is great. 

  2. One of our residents was a beautician in Afghanistan, and was targeted by the Taliban because her profession was "unislamic". This month at New Hope she has used her gifts to be a blessing to all the women in the building - cutting hair, painting nails, and sewing dresses! It is wonderful to see how people can flourish when they are given freedom to be themselves.

  3. Pray for our annual fundraising gala on October 22! Better yet, pray and attend! Would love to see you there.

Collette Bullock