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This past summer Burnett Fellowship Baptist Church and Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church had the privilege of partnering together to host a community event twice a week.  Together, they hosted Ball Hockey every Tuesday and Thursday night in the Albion area. This was an event open to all age groups and all skill levels.  More than twenty kids showed up each week to play with friends, parents, and new neighbours.  Each Tuesday the Gospel was shared with the families and kids who attended.

Manuela Silva, Cornerstone’s Children’s Ministry Director expressed the positive outcome of partnering with Burnett and said “it was amazing to see how excited kids were to see their friends each week, and to watch the parents grow in deeper relationships.”  Likewise, Glory Destura, Children’s Pastor at Burnett explained how this event attracted some families to other ministries in their church. She stated, “we look forward to seeing more relationships built and lives being transformed because of the Gospel. All for the Kingdom!”

Two Fellowship Pacific churches partnered together and opened their eyes and hearts to see where and how God would lead them to serve their community. They wrapped up ball hockey at the end of August with a hot dog supper at Burnett.

Collette Bullock