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Volunteer Story - Camp Qwanoes


Camp Qwanoes is a place that teaches both the campers and its staff what is means to love Jesus and follow Him. I have been working at Qwanoes since the summer of 2014. Each summer, I am reminded of the amazing international community of believers that exists, and what it means to lead by example. Seeing staff members from all over the world reminds me that God is at work everywhere, and that He has given us all the same mission; “Love Kids To Life”. At Qwanoes, there is a tightly knit community of believers who are all there to love the kids who come to camp. We have the unique opportunity to lead a life of example for these young people. Campers watch everything that we as the the staff do. We take this responsibility very seriously, keeping in mind that each one of our actions directly impacts kids, and often, their decision to accept Christ. This summer, I have the amazing opportunity to be a Step-Out-Counsellor. It has been a blessing to serve in this position, knowing that only a few years ago, I myself was a participant in the program! The program is two-weeks long, and during their second week, the “Step-Outs”(or “Steppies”) get the chance to serve practically at camp in the dish room. My female co-counsellor and myself serve as the dish leaders during this week. Even though our location has changed, I am still in a position to lead by example. As dish leaders, we set the pace in the dish room. If I am moving slowly, not doing my best, and am having a bad attitude, the Step-Outs will either match or fall short of my behavior.  Camp Qwanoes has taught me how to lead by example, with the life of Jesus as my model. Qwanoes will always have a special place in my heart as the place that challenged me grow in my faith and strengthen my leadership skills.

- Written by Marty Penner | Maple Ridge Baptist Church

Jessica Powell