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What is Pastoral Care?

One of our five values at Fellowship Pacific states that we believe in the local church. We believe that healthy churches are led by healthy pastors. The two belong together. Each contributes to the well being of the other. Healthy pastoral families develop healthy churches that transform their communities for Christ.

In support of our mission statement the goal of the pastoral care component is to empower, equip, encourage and support our pastors and their families. To walk alongside them in times of challenge and offer help as they sort out the struggles of ministry life.

We care deeply about our pastors. We are better together so we seek to build and encourage connecting through regional get togethers. The pastors in the Interior meet at Sunnybrae every fall and spring. They spend a morning together in worship, sharing, praying and doing lunch. The Fraser Valley pastors have a fellowship and connecting time twice a year in Langley. The Northern pastors and their wives meet for 2 days at Ness Lake once a year. Through these connecting times solid spiritual friendships are formed.

The provincial prayer team uphold our pastoral families in prayer.

We are seeking to develop a list of resources that will benefit and contribute to the care and development of our pastoral families.

At the Ministry Centre we are committed to help our pastors be faithful, healthy leaders as they seek to carry out their gospel mandate.

Galatians 6:10  Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone - especially to those in the family of faith.


To get more information regarding Pastoral Care and a list of our Fellowship approved Counsellors, click below.

Jessica Powell