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Fellowship Stories

A Jesus Movement - Todd Chapman

Church Multiplication - engaging society with hope that transforms community through a healthy church, that starts a healthy church, that starts another healthy church, that starts yet another healthy church...and so on and so on. 

At Fellowship Pacific our vision is to “innovatively develop relationship and resources that propel every Fellowship Pacific church to be accountable to their gospel mandate.”  In reaching this vision one of our mandates is to “increase the number of our congregations by 30% by 2022 through church plants, church satellites and church additions.”  We need a culture of church multiplication.

What will it take to develop this culture?
Right locations?  Attractive personalities?  Beautiful buildings?  Large core group of people to start with?  Pouring in lots of money?  Right partnerships?  Host special events?  All this is good stuff and helpful, but not primary.

So, what is primary?
Primary is individuals together finding Jesus, following Jesus, letting the power of Jesus transform lives, living that transformation, and inviting others along to experience the ride.

This is what Bob Roberts Jr. in his book, The Multiplying Church, calls a “Jesus movement”. 

“It is not about technique, it’s about intimacy with Jesus… Jesus movements are about Jesus…We plant gospel and train obedience and the result is churches.”

Yes. It is this simple. Yes. It is this difficult. Yes. It is possible!

When I was growing up, my family sat in our living room in a new home in a new town.  We had found Jesus. We loved Jesus. That day we started a church. There were five of us. It was time to follow Jesus. We were spending our first Sunday praying and fasting for this new church. It was transforming time. That very first week we had a man named Jan eating dinner with us. Others were invited along for the ride. Jan was the first one to find Jesus.

Do you want to see what God did in that town and is still doing years later?  Check out the last Fellowship Pacific blog post “Life in Chetwynd” (February 23, 2018). 

Does church multiplication culture take strategic planning, lots of energy, collaboration, the Holy Spirit and time to make it all happen?  Absolutely!  We can help you discover these at Fellowship Pacific.

But it all begins with a Jesus movement.

Jessica Powell