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Life in Chetwynd - Bruce Christensen

Last week April and I had the privilege of spending several days in Chetwynd, meeting with all our Pastors in the North. Bill and Karen Evans have been pastoring in Chetwynd for the past thirty plus years. As I watched from a distance, I see that Bill is the chaplain of the town of Chetwynd.


A few years ago, the church sold its old, tired, small building and purchased a much larger facility in the heart of the town. They have done some major work on the building: putting on a new roof and siding, and renovating Mickey’s Place (this is where the kids from the community and youth come to play pool and have other organized activities). Outside of Mickey’s place is an ice rink for the kids to play on in the winter.

While we were there, we were to have breakfast with Bill and Karen one morning. Bill called at 7:30am to tell us that plans had changed. He asked us to bring a take-out breakfast and meet him at the church. That morning a Grey Hound Bus had gone off the road and the church became the Command Centre, something that they do for any crisis that happens in the town. Bill and Karen, who work with the Ambulance Society, were there to give assistance physically and emotionally. A Community representative was there to take names and provide hotel rooms and food vouchers.

Bill and Karen have been there for this community for such events. When buses have gone off the road, when tree planters’ vehicles have toppled down mountainsides, when fires have ravaged the surrounding areas, the church has been a beacon for help and hope.

Many of us do not even know where Chetwynd is, but the Lord is at work in this community in a powerful way. Over the years, Bill has taught and still teaches the Fire Arms course for all new applicants, he has walked the halls of the High School doing the work of a monitor, and the church has supported neighbouring churches with money so they can pay their pastors.

We thank the Lord for people like Bill and Karen who “stay by the stuff” and serve tirelessly. It was such a joy to be with them and to come away encouraged by what we both saw and heard.

Jessica Powell