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Amanda's Story


Northern Collective Church launched as a new church plant out of Mountainview Church in Whitehorse last April and Pastor Harrison Kwok is excited to share this story of God’s redeeming love for Amanda who is the church’s first new believer. In her own words, Amanda shares her journey to redemption.

“A few years ago everything was stolen from us. It was a hard thing to deal with. I couldn't trust anyone after that, everything was scary to me so I hid myself behind a lie and other bad things. We moved from place to place never feeling at home, never wanting any help, and never trusting anyone. My husband and I were at the end of our rope. Nowhere to go and about to lose everything, we got our family into our car, packed what we could and drove. We drove for a long time and found ourselves in Whitehorse, totally broke sleeping in our car.

We found a church that seemed to call out our name. We went inside and it just felt like home. We stayed and sang with them, then we left, I cried and told my husband I wanted to go back but I was scared to. We saw the Pastor at the Superstore a couple of days later. He paid for our groceries. We were in awe. Nobody has ever taken the time to help us out before. He asked us to come back to the Northern Collective that ‪Sunday at 2:00. We decided it might be a good idea to go. We met new people and it felt good to let people into our lives again. The thing is, praying. It made me feel wanted, I felt loved. I always felt so alone, and ignored. I listened to my Pastor read, a new dear friend bought me a beautiful Bible, which I thank her for everyday in my prayers. It is so amazing to read the gospels.

I never believed in a God and never thought that one God could do it all. LOL, I now see the truth. I cry every day because of the love I feel in my heart. It's amazing what God’s love will do for you. I am now a happier person. My husband Steve will also agree on that one.”

Collette Bullock