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Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration



Managing the financial affairs of your church can be a daunting task. Whether you are trying to understand the complexities of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations, building your budget, managing your donation data, or just trying to figure out the details of your bookkeeping system, it can be overwhelming. Whatever problem you are facing, our team is here to help guide you so that you can confidently manage the finances of your church. 

  • Bookkeeping questions and issues
  • CRA questions and issues
  • Payroll questions and issues
  • Year-end questions and issues (T4s and T3010s)
  • Budgeting questions and issues
  • Donation data entry questions and issues
  • Receipting questions and issues
  • Training for Church Treasurers, Bookkeepers and Administrators
  • Sample board financial reports
  • Sample policies and procedures
  • Financial coaching and consulting