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Restoration Prayer Training


Jon Thompson (from Sanctus Church in Ajax, Ontario) was one of our speakers at Impact this year, and we wanted to let you know about an opportunity to hear more from him as he returns to Vancouver to present this Restoration Prayer Training workshop.

This workshop distills twenty years of Restoration Prayer experience and learning into two days. Restoration Prayer is a deliverance ministry that developed organically in a local church with followers of Jesus who were willing to take one step of obedience at a time.

Through a combination of teaching and stories, Jon Thompson will explain the theological overview of spiritual conflict and how it has been handled throughout church history, and Nathalie Wylie will describe how we practically apply our model today.

By sharing what we've learned, our goal is to equip you as much as possible to adapt and serve in your own church. All are welcome!


Jon Thompson
Jon is a Lead Pastor at Sanctus Church, a thriving multi-site church in the Greater Toronto Area. With over twenty years of experience, Jon is a global speaker and teacher on spiritual gifts, practices, and experiences—including conflict and warfare. 

Nathalie Wylie
Nathalie is the Prayer Director at Sanctus Church. She has built and led a thriving ministry that has served over 350 individuals and assisted 80 churches. 

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Email Nathalie Wylie at nwylie@sanctuschurch.com or register HERE