Fellowship Pacific




If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation for your church, we would love to hear from you! 


Consultation 1.0 - Initial Consultation

This is our initial and most extensive consultation process. It is a prerequisite for all others. Consultation 1.0 includes a serious and in-depth review of your church history, documents and statistics. It also includes a survey of all church attenders and extensive interviews with staff and leaders. This process results in an 8-10 page written report given to the entire church on the current strengths of your church, which also gives prescriptive suggestions of ways to move forward.

Consultation 2.0 - Evaluation & Follow-Up

Consult 2.1 – NexGen.  This second round consultation is designed to help move the church to the next generation of ministry. It is built on the foundation of Consultation 1.0, and reviews what has been accomplished since the initial assessment, articulating what the next steps of ministry development might be. It is less extensive than 1.0, and is approached from a coaching/facilitating perspective rather than a teaching stance. The final report is only given to the Board and Lead Pastor.

Consult 2.2 - Visioneering. This second round consultation also provides a report to the Board and Lead Pastor. It is focused on ensuring that (1) the vision of the church is being actively pursued, (2) the leadership and ministries of the church are aligned with the vision, and (3) the leadership is capable of fulfilling the vision. This leadership and ministry “audit” is provided to the church, along with leadership training. 

Consult 2.3 - Half-Time. This second round “video” consultation is for those churches who feel that it would be beneficial to pause and celebrate what God has been doing in your church. Through interviews and stories, we will provide a video that will highlight the bright spots of ministry since the first consultation, and can be used to motivate or inform the church on your vision and values. It will be backed up with a point-form, written report for the church Board and staff on challenges that have yet to be solved. Please note that due to the video intensive nature of this consult (and special skills required), there is a cost for this consultation.