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Called to Serve

Called to Serve


Video Resources

We have put together a series of short informational videos for church boards. Please click on the links below to download these videos.

Policy Governance - Session 1
Policy Governance - Session 2
Policy Governance - Session 3
Policy Governance - Session 4
Speaking With One Voice
Differences Between Vision, Mission, Purpose, Strategy & Tactics


Called to Serve is offered throughout the year across the region and is also available with customizable components to help individual church boards work toward effective leadership goals. Your team will take a comprehensive look at church board governance guidelines, board leadership principles and a “how to” guide for church policy development.

This one-day interactive seminar is designed to educate, challenge and inspire church board members to excellence in biblically grounded governance principles while exhibiting wisdom and discernment in their local churches.

We also offer a session on personal leadership growth initiatives, asking the question: How are you doing as a leader? This session will challenge you to dig deeper and reach further in your capacity as a leader within the context of your local church.