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Immerse Scholarship

Application Process 

Scholarship Awards:

Scholarships are available in the amount of up to $1000.00 per academic year (September 1-August 31)
The maximum lifetime scholarship per applicant is $4000.00


Scholarships are available for application to students enrolled in the Immerse Program through Fellowship Pacific only. The student must currently be serving in a Fellowship Pacific member church.

First year students:

  • Students must meet all the requirements outlined in the application process.

Second year students:

  • Students must meet all the requirements outlined in the application process.

  • Students who have met the requirements of the Candidacy Review at the one year point in the program.

Third and Fourth year students:

  • Students showing academic rigor in the pace of work being completed in alignment with their expected completion date.


  • All application requirements must be received by the Leadership Development Team at Fellowship Pacific on or before August 15th for the academic year beginning September 1.

  • Please complete the application form at the bottom of the page and e-mail your essay as outlined below to Elizabeth Faulkner at elizabeth@febpacific.ca by the August 15th deadline.

Essay Requirements:

800 word essay must be:

a. Grammatically Correct
b. Double Spaced
c. Times New Roman Font | Size 12

Please refer to the following guidelines in accordance with your standing in Immerse:

First Year Students:

  • Your Name

  • Why you are in Immerse.

  • What you plan to accomplish in the next year.

  • What you intend to do upon graduation.

Second Year Students:

  • Your Name

  • A valuable lesson that you learned in your first year.

  • A ministry goal that you plan to accomplish in the coming year.

Third Year Students:

  • Your Name

  • Your understanding of the intangibles of Ministry.

    • Grit

    • Self-Awareness

    • Resourcefulness

Fourth Year Students:

  • Your Name

  • How has Immerse Prepared you for Ministry.

    • List three highlights of the program that have influenced how you will lead.

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