Church Mgmt Solutions Resources and Materials

Sample Documents

Fellowship Pacific provides these sample documents as a service to our churches and agencies.  Since each organization is different,  these documents should be customized for the organization.  The information included does not constitute legal or other professional advice.

Sample Church Constitution and Bylaws
This sample Constitution and Bylaws document is intended to be used as an example for churches that are incorporated as a society in British Columbia. It is provided with the following provisions:
1. This sample assumes an elder led governance structure, but can easily be modified to adapt to a different model of leadership.
2. Although it is a complete document in itself, sections may need to be added, deleted or modified if they are to be used in a context where there is a different leadership structure. Care needs to be taken in modifying this document, to ensure that essential elements are not deleted or disallowed provisions added.
3. The whole document in its current form is compliant with the requirements set out in the new Societies Act coming into full force on November 28, 2016.
4. The purposes as set out in the Constitution are compliant with Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements for registered charities. Any additions or modifications to these purposes, however minor you might consider them to be, run the risk of jeopardizing that compliance.
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New Societies Act Transition Guide
The new Societies Act will come into effect on November 28, 2016. In the two years following that date, every pre-existing society will be required to “transition” to the new Act. BC Registries has released a guide to assist in the transition process. This guide sets out basic information about the transition process and other matters that your society should consider over the coming months in preparation for the new Act. You can download this guide here.
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Sample Employment Agreement
Applicable to British Columbia, Revised August 2016
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Impact 2016 Workshop Handout - BC Societies Act
This is the handout from the workshop on the effect of the new BC Societies Act on your church, presented by Doug Fordham on April 22, 2016.
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Conflict of Interest Policy
As a ministry initiated and sustained by God, your church has a mandate to conduct all of its affairs decently and above reproach in the sight of both God and man. Such a mandate includes a commitment to operate with the highest level of integrity and to disclose and to take reasonable actions to avoid or to minimize the negative effect of conflicts of interest that either directly or indirectly results in material personal advantage or privilege.
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Church Financial Audit Checklist
Although smaller churches may not consider it worthwhile to engage a professional accountant to perform a financial audit, they should consider having an internal "audit review" done. Here's a checklist that could help in carrying out that process.
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