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Called to Dialogue: Tools for Handling Crucial Conversations

This interactive two-day seminar is a faith based approach that utilizes Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, and is designed to take participants through the process of discovering tools that will help them handle discussions and disagreements and high-stakes communication.

The premise is based on the fact that when you are stuck in any situationwhether it’s at home or churchthere is a crucial conversation keeping you from accomplishing your mission and vision. If you can learn to speak up effectively in these crucial moments, you can then pave a path that leads to God-honouring outcomes for kingdom growth.

Here are some things people are saying about Crucial Conversations

“I could really see how I could apply these tools in areas I know that I am weak.”

 “Practical and applicable. I wish I had this available in earlier years. Great stuff!”

“Crucial Conversations helped me see what I need to change in myself to be able to talk to others.”

“Practical, simplistic in the concept, yet something we aren’t prone to do naturally.”

“Crucial Conversations has been an extremely valuable tool for our church.  This workshop gave practical principles for our volunteers to take home and work on so that they could get unstuck in difficult conversations, stick to the important facts, and explore different pathways to a solution that works for everyone.  Taught with humour and many opportunities to practice throughout the training, Crucial Conversations will turn average individuals into good communicators, and ultimately into people who can have great conversations!”

“The course content exceeded my expectations and I really look forward to taking the skills gained and applying them.”

Up-coming Crucial Conversations Seminars:

Fellowship Pacific Ministry Centre - October 10/11, 2017 

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Vital Smarts: Crucial Conversations Overview
An overview of Crucial Conversations
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