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Called to Lead - introduction

a learning cohort for tomorrow's leaders

The need to develop leaders in vocational Christian ministry is greater today than at any time in the history of the church.  Church attendance is plummeting, pastor burnout rates are alarming, and vocational ministry job satisfaction surveys tell a terrible story.  The ministry sector needs a culture shift. Fellowship Pacific churches require young leaders who are biblically, theologically, and academically grounded, and who have learned the practical competencies necessary for long-term ministry success.

The purpose of this cohort is to give our church leaders the opportunity to invest in our young leaders (18-30 yrs) who are currently working vocationally or as volunteers in our churches. This cohort will provide another opportunity for us to partner together to develop our next generation of Fellowship Pacific Leaders.

Brackish Consulting Group, in partnership with Fellowship Pacific, shares this desire to develop professional Christian leaders and believes the process begins by identifying the proper candidates in whom to invest.  While no one can accurately predict who will or will not “succeed” in vocational ministry, we do believe it is advantageous to work with candidates early in the process to identify needs, interests, motivations, preferred work styles, and stress factors that provide early indicators of ministry fit.  In this way, both the candidate and the institution enter the process with eyes wide open.  Brackish Consulting Group uses the Birkman Assessment tool to begin this process.

Meeting once a month
Fellowship Pacific Ministry Centre (address at bottom of screen)
Cost: $1,500
Subsidy is available to Immerse Students

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