Leadership Development Immerse Program


Great leaders are essential, but they can be hard to find. If the church is going to be able to fulfill its mission, it is going to have to accept its responsibility to identify and develop those people who will lead them in the future. Typically, churches have contracted this function out to the seminary, which they have seen as a kind of factory outlet for pastoral leaders. The results have been predictable.

Immerse offers a better way. Northwest Baptist Seminary and Fellowship Pacific have come together, leveraging their collective strengths to produce a fully church-based training system, unlike anything in the world. Through Immerse, a robust new cadre of leaders has emerged, offering hope for the future of our churches and our movement. Now, several other networks have come together to adopt the Immerse platform, including Baptist Housing, Fellowship International, SemBEQ, and more.

Some of the features of the Immerse program are fully accredited context based Masters of Divinity, mentor managed approach to achieve a high level of mastery. With many other aspects involved, please look at the comprehensive explanation at the Immerse website.