Church Lifecycles Church Health

At Fellowship Pacific we have focussed our efforts on being proactive in building healthy churches rather than simply responding to crisis when it occurs. That said, when crisis occurs, we will definitely help and you should call us.

If, on the other hand, you would rather avoid the predicament in the first place, than please consider taking advantage of some of the following resources.

Pastoral Care

Sometimes the pastors who provide care are the very people who need some care. If this is true for your pastor, please feel free to give Bruce Christensen a call. He is an experienced pastor who has helped numerous people through difficult times.

Church Consultations

A primary Fellowship Pacific tool for church health is church consultations. We are continually working to improve our processes in helping churches by providing external, objective perspectives on ministry. We provide an assortment of consultation services for your church to choose from, including both first-time consultations and a variety of follow-up services. All consultations are adjustable to fit the needs and desires of the individual church. Since consultations scare some people and churches, we have attached a “fear factor” score to help you know how scared you really should be. Select from the sub-menu on the right.